April online meeting

This week was our most recent online meeting, where we got together to discuss progress and also some issues coming up along the way.
Throwback to our kickoff meeting (photos), also held online… and we are finally planning an in person meeting, on its anniversary!

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Turning a new leaf


📢 Update Time! It’s not always an easy path, sometimes it takes a while to kick start ⏰🚀 After overcoming some administrative setbacks, we are back on track and ready to soar higher than ever! 🙌✨ Our most recent meeting paved the way for resolving the challenges, and we are more determined than ever to make a significant impact. #Resilience #MovingForward


With renewed energy and a clear path ahead, we are eager to dive into action and make remarkable progress towards our goals. 💼📈 Nothing can stop us now as we embark on this exciting journey of innovation and success. #NewBeginnings #Focused

#ResilientTeam #MovingForwardTogether #ProjectUpdate #ReadyToGo

First virtual meeting

🌐🤝 We just had our first online meeting with our esteemed partners! 🎉✨ It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and define the tasks that lie ahead. #Collaboration #Partnership

During the meeting, we exchanged ideas and expertise, setting the stage for a fruitful collaboration. 🌍🤝 #Teamwork #Innovation

With everyone on board, we have now outlined clear objectives and responsibilities that will guide our journey towards success. 💼📈 #Success

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting adventure. 🚀💡 Together, we will push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

#PartnershipMeeting #OnlineCollaboration #TaskDefinition #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #ExcitingTimes #StayTuned

The start of Microboost

📢 Exciting News! 🚀 The #MicroBoost project has been selected for funding with the highest score! 🥇✨ We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking initiative has caught the attention of funders, propelling us closer to health promoting aquafeeds. 💡 #Innovation

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this journey, pushing microalgae to their limits to make the most out of their bioactive compounds 💪 We will select the best performing strains and optimize biomass processing to improve bioavailability of the functional ingredients, which will be included in feed formulations. We will also analyze and document relevant bioactivities, to demonstrate their health-promoting potential. Developed functional feeds will be tested in real aquaculture settings, including a pathogenic challenge, culminating in a final test of fish resilience and well being. 🐟

🔬 With this funding, we aim to accelerate research, foster collaboration between Portugal and Norway, and bring about important advancements, particularly in aquaculture industries. 🌍🤝 #Research #Collaboration #FutureTech

Join us on this exciting expedition and follow our progress through the world of aquaculture biotechnology! 🎉✨ Together, we can shape a future where small  becomes mighty and where Blue Bioeconomy shows its promise for a more sustainable world. #MicroBoostProject

#Funding #Microalgae #Aquafeeds #FishHealth #Future #StayTuned