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About the Project

MICROBOOST answers to the aquaculture sector need to improve fish immune response and resilience, through microalgae-derived bioactive immunomodulating compounds.

Activity 1

Microalgae Production
Most promising microalgae strains will be selected and tested from the lab and towards industrial-scale optimized production. Target metabolite accumulation will be evaluated throughout this process and maximized.

Activity 2

Bioactive metabolites, namely β-glucans and sulfated polysaccharides, will be extracted, with valorization of remaining fractions. Research in this area paves the way for more sustainable processing methods for microalgal biomass.

Activity 3

Bioactivity and validation
The goal of this activity is to verify immunomodulatory effects of microalgae, and adjust the final formulation, accordingly, testing it using cellular models and up to in vivo assays with different fish species.

Activity 4

Formulation and demonstration
Novel products formulations will take into consideration all previous data to 1) validate findings in industrial settings, with a pathogenic challenge, and 2) evaluate the product global benefits and costs (TEA, LCA).

Activity 5

Management and Dissemination
This activity is dedicated to sharing data and discussing among partners, and to dissemination of results to a wider audience, showcasing projects’ findings along products deployment.