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Microalgae as fish health boosters via aquafeeds
Microboost  - Microalgae as fish immune boosters via aquafeeds

MICROBOOST aligns with fishery & aquaculture UN objectives to develop sustainable and innovative products for the fish-farming sector.

Microboost develops research at microalgae biomass functionality level, to improve production and processing methods, and to understand their bioative role on fish immune performance. The project proposes to bring four new products into the market based on microalgae biomass and bioactive aquafeed supplements, to improve aquaculture productivity and fight off fish disease and economic losses.

0 million tonnes
Global aquaculture production reached 87.5 Mtonnes of aquatic animals and 35.1 Mtonnes of algae, in 2020.
0 milion €/ year
estimated loss due to sea-lice infestation, in Norway.
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Aquatic food production is forecast to increase 15%, to supply 21.4 kg per capita in 2030.

MICROBOOST will focus on two promising microalgae: Nannochloropsis sp. and Euglena gracilis.

Nannochloropsis sp. are commonly used to feed fish larvae and rotifers rearing in marine aquaculture. Apart from their nutritional value, they are known for their bioactive compounds with antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, and therefore great potential for innovative therapeutic products.

Euglena gracilis is a freshwater microalga that can grow heterotrophically. It has been cultivated for human nutrition, as its protein content can reach up to 70% DW. This species can also synthesize paramylon, a β-1,3-glucan that has been widely used in the nutraceutical market. Emerging attention on paramylon immunostimulation and potent antioxidant properties has recently arisen.

Microalgae-based feeds can boost fish immune performance, reduce prophylactic antibiotic use, and contribute to fish immunization at early life stages, when vaccination is not yet possible.

Expected outcomes and algae-based products


New biomass and blends with proven functionality


Fish feed formulations for the aquaculture market

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Microboost is promoted by Allmicroalgae, working together with NIVA, Sparos, GreenCoLab, CIIMAR, and University of Bergen.

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